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Agendas & Minutes

The Reidville Town Council meets the second (2nd) Tuesday of every month at 6:30PM.  The location is at the Reidville Town Hall 7304 Reidville Rd, Reidville, SC.

The regularly scheduled agendas and minutes for council meetings are listed below. The links to download the agendas will become active at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled/called meeting. The links to download the minutes will become active as soon as they become available.  All special called meetings and workshops agendas and minutes will be added directly to the bottom of the page. 

A link for the next meeting is listed directly below along with instructions to join meeting via WebEx. 

Meeting link:

Next Scheduled Town Council Meeting:


October 10th, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m.

2023 Regular Scheduled Council Meetings

January Monthly Meeting 1-10-23/ Agenda/ Minutes 1-24-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

February Monthly Meeting 2-14-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

March Monthly Meeting 3-14-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

April Monthly Meeting 4-11-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

May Monthly Meeting 5-09-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

June Monthly Meeting 6-13-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

July Monthly Meeting 7-11-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

August Monthly Meeting 8-8-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

September Monthly Meeting 9-12-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

October Monthly Meeting 10-10-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

November Monthly Meeting 11-14-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

December Monthly Meeting 12-12-23/ Agenda/ Minutes

2023 Special Scheduled Council Meetings/Workshops/Public Hearings

4-25-23 Special Called Meeting Agenda/ Minutes   

5-09-23 Public Hearing Agenda/ Minutes

6-15-23 Joint Workshop Agenda/ Minutes

7-11-23 Workshop Agenda/ Minutes

8-21-23 Special Meeting Agenda/ Minutes

8-23-23 Public Hearing Agenda/ Minutes

9-12-23 Council Gathering Notice

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