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Every person engaged or intending to engage in any business, calling, occupation, profession, or activity engaged in with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, in whole or in part within the limits of the Town of Reidville, South Carolina, is required to pay an annual license tax for the privilege of doing business and obtain a business license.

The business license year is May 1 –April 30. Renewals are due on or before April 30 of each year. A 5% late penalty shall be assessed for each month and portion thereof after the due date until the license has been paid. License fees are based upon the North American Industry Classification of System (NAICS) codes and the gross income earned within the town limits for the prior calendar year or business’s fiscal year. 

To apply for a business license in the Town of Reidville, please complete and submit the Business License Application to . If you would like more information on the business license regulations, please view the Town of Reidville Business License Ordinance. 

If you received a renewal notice and no longer plan to do business in the Town of Reidville, please contact the Assistant Clerk, Patricia Spisak at 864-486-9614.

For Renewals Only:

The annual business license fee may be paid online at Local Business License Renewal Center.  Please note that this is a third-party site and a convenience fee will be charged. 

Establishments in the Town of Reidville that sell prepared meals and beverages are required pay a 2% Local Hospitality Tax. The town will use these funds for tourism-related activities and improvements.


The Town of Reidville appreciates all of our local businesses and what they contribute to the quality of life in our town. If you have any questions regarding the Local Hospitality Tax, please contact the Town Administrator, Christine McKaba at 864-486-9614.

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