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Welcome to the Town of Reidville

This Reidville, SC Annual Municipal Report is designed to provide citizens and other interested parties with an overview of the Town’s 2022 financial results.  The Town of Reidville’s 2022 financial information was audited by Highsmith & Highsmith, LLC and has received an unmodified or “clean” audit opinion. The financial portion of this report will highlight the overall financial condition and trends of the Town of Reidville.

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The Town of Reidville has recently contracted with CC&I Services LLC to process and issue Building Permits and to conduct code enforcement. The contract will go in effect, April 24th, 2023. We will work with CC&I to effectively communicate this change. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Administrator, Christine McKaba at 864-486-9614.

Below is the link to process all inspection request once an approval has been received through the Town Hall office.


Dear Citizens of Reidville, SC,


In 2019 Spartanburg District 5 Schools opened the new Reidville Elementary School located at 520 South Main Street Reidville, SC. This new elementary school replaced the beloved old elementary school building at the corner of College and Main Streets, which was built in the 1940s and had served generations of our town’s children.  


A difficult decision was made by the Town Council to have the old school building demolished, and understandably raised raw emotions. However, this was a necessary move. Not only had Reidville’s burgeoning population outgrown the building but will cost the Town of Reidville several thousands of dollars annually in utility fees.


The Town Council hoped to incorporate the remaining portion of the old school building into the proposed Reidville Town Center.


The COVID-19 epidemic put this old school building and new town hall renovation project on hold. As restrictions eased, the Council decided to move ahead. The sections of the old school which we had expected to use for the Town Hall – the library, cafeteria and some classrooms – were built in 1996 and do not meet current building codes. Completing these renovations to make the building ADA compliant would be very expensive. In addition, we discovered other issues which would need to be addressed: extensive black mold and well as needing a new roof, heating and air conditioning system and windows and doors. 


Furthermore, the building has been broken into numerous times, causing thousands of dollars in damage. (Those who have

been identified breaking into the old school are facing pending criminal charges.) Based on estimates from several construction companies, saving any part of the old school would have cost Reidville taxpayers more than one million dollars. Our detailed study of costs led us to the difficult decision to level the remaining structure. Demolishing what is left of the old school building will cost Reidville taxpayers nothing, as Triad Construction will pick up the tab. 


The Town Council is working with Triad Construction and intends to work with an architectural firm, to create plans for a new Town Hall building. Our hope is that we can blend our past with our vision of new downtown. According to Triad Construction, the vertical structures of our new Downtown Center are scheduled to begin in 2023.


Your Town Council is committed to ensuring that the new Reidville Town Center will keep alive the memory of the old Reidville Elementary School while helping our town move into the next part of her history.  


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the future plans for our town, please contact any member of the Town Council. In addition, you are always invited to attend an upcoming Council meeting which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30pm.  Please visit our website at for updates!




Thank You,


Reidville Town Council


The Town of Reidville currently has three (3) open commission seats on the Board of Appeals. 

The purpose of the Board of Appeals is to serve as an administrative mechanism to enforce the zoning ordinance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Making decisions on appeals that arise from the administrative decisions of the town's zoning administrator.

  • Granting or denying applications for variances from zoning ordinances, or granting or denying applications for special exceptions.

  • Remanding matters to the zoning administrator if the board has not received adequate information for its review.

The board's decisions are subject to appeal only to a South Carolina circuit court.

If you are interested in serving on one of the open commission seats, please fill out the commission application and return to the Town Administrator at

Town Center Project Updates From Triad Development

Town Meetings

Council Meeting/Workshops

This is the agenda for the Monthly Scheduled Council Meeting of the Town Council.  These meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month at 6:30PM at the Town Office located at 7304 Reidville Rd, Reidville SC 29388 and the Public is welcome to attend. The Agenda will be available for viewing on the Friday before the meeting. Council Workshops are called as needed.  Workshop dates and agendas are posted and announced 24 business hours prior.  

Commission Meetings

This is the Agenda for the Monthly Commission meetings.  These meetings are held at the Town Office located at 7304 Reidville Rd, Reidville SC 29388 and the Public is welcome to attend. The agenda is available 24 hours prior to the meeting. All commission meetings schedule can be found on the home page calendar. Commission or Joint Workshops are called as needed.  Workshop dates and agendas are posted and announced 24 business hours prior. 

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(click to download)

Town Council will have their scheduled Monthly Council Meeting podcasted via WebEx telephone line opening at 6:15pm, the Council meeting will begin at 6:30pm. If you wish to attend through WebEx via computer, you will be able to leave comments and questions via chat to the clerk, in order to ask questions or comments to council (you will be asked to provide your name, address, and contact information if you choose to leave a comment or question).If you wish to participate, your audio line will be muted, unless you're a Town Council Member calling into the meeting.

Upcoming Events

July 15 –Social awareness activity day

September 23 – Fall Festival

October 7-9 – Community Cleanup weekend

October 31 – Trunk or Treat

December 9 – Parade and Christmas Festival

You are cordially invited to make the 2023 Holiday memorable for the kids and residents of Reidville and surrounding communities.

Again this year the Town of Reidville will be offering 2 options regarding decorating Main Street for the Christmas Holiday.

Option A. Adopt a pole.

A business, organization, church, nonprofit, or even an individual or family can adopt a light pole to decorate on Main Street. We asked that the decorations are put up anytime in November and taken down by January 5th, 2023. All decorations left after January 5th, 2023 will be taken down by the Town Hall Staff. This option is free and is a great way to advertise your business or organization. The pole will be assigned by Town Hall.

Option B. Sponsor to light a tree.

The Town will be collaborating again with a professional company to light 35 of the Trees on Main Street . For $175.00 your business, organization, church, nonprofit, or individual/family can sponsor to light a tree on Main Street. Once sponsorship is paid, we ask that you bring the Town Hall your sign, logo, etc. to be placed by your lite tree for advertisement.

If you would like to adopt a pole for decoration or sponsor to light a tree, please contact us at 864-486-9614 or

Calendar of Events

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